Miami Boxing


Boxing in Miami has a long history, and of gyms there are many. We believe that a quality boxing gym should be a place of learning first and foremost. In order to pay respect to our city’s history of boxing, we focus on teaching proper fundamentals to all of our beginners.

Jumping into a boxing ring can be very intimidating for the first time. In order to get comfortable in the squared circle, it takes time, practice, determination and proper guidance. Our instructors can guide you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you are learning in all of your training sessions. Boxing is not merely an exercise regiment: it is a series of movements that require skill, physical conditioning, and mental fortitude.

If you would like to try moving around in the ring at Sol Box Fitness Club, talk to one of our instructors about the process and equipment you’ll need. We can definitely help you get started, but it will be up to you to keep on going.