About Sol Box Fitness Club and Djinji Brown


About Sol Box Fitness Club

“The music is always on point, the artwork is incredible, great equipment and great people.” - Stephanie S., Yelp

Awarded “People Love Us on Yelp” Three Years in a Row

Sol Box Fitness Club is a cross training studio that adds a personal touch to your exercise experience. Since opening in 2013, we have specialized in teaching proper technique during our boxing and fitness classes, also called “sessions.”

At Sol Box, the emphasis is on teaching, learning and sharing. We are not another cardio-style gym or boutique bootcamp. We teach you the fundamentals of boxing and calisthenics so that as you progress, you are able to learn what you are doing and why.

Sol Box’s unique artistry also sets it apart from other gyms. The Graffiti, Music (ranging from old school and underground Hip Hop and Funk to Jazz and Soul), and floor layout (aka, the “track”) come together seamlessly, allowing our members to flow through the workout. In a time where the fitness industry is saturated with the idea of perfection, we miss fostering the spirit of those who want to feel better on the outside and in.

At Sol Box, we Train From The Soul To Reach The Goal


About Djinji Brown
Founder & Owner, Sol Box Fitness Club

Djinji Brown has 29 years of martial arts training, including boxing. He first began by studying Aikido in New York City in 1989 and later, Capoeira. In 1996, Brown began studying Muay Thai; two years later, he discovered Anderson’s Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do Concepts. From 1998-2004, Brown studied Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Western Boxing. 

In 2004, he relocated to Miami to continue his music career as a DJ, ultimately leading him down an unforeseen path. In 2005, Brown attended Miami Dade College to study Personal Training practices. The DJ by night became a student by day, and in October of 2005 he received his Certified Personal Trainer’s Certificate from NCSF. (National Council on Strength and Fitness).

A Masters Class-division Amateur Boxer and USA Boxing Coach Level 2, Brown has been drawn to boxing since his childhood. Spending the weekends watching boxing with his father in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Brown always dreamed of boxing. The black-and-white boxing photos that dawn the walls of Sol Box are an homage to that special time, when father and son would bond over matches. The Universe ultimately led him back to his childhood love and interest. The result is Sol Box Fitness Club.

As the son of Marion Brown, prominent jazz saxophonist, his variety of musical experiences as a front man in a 1980s New York City hardcore punk band, Hip Hop producer, and House DJ and Producer adds another element to the soulful nature of Sol Box. Aesthetically, the artwork that adorns the walls of Sol Box is very personal to Brown. All the work was, and is, exclusively done by himself and his friends, all of whom are members of the graffiti crew Fame City Kings. Growing up in 1980s New York City, graffiti was always Brown’s favorite visual art form. Although Brown used to go “bombing” (tagging his name around town), he never had the chance to paint on trains. He has now transferred that vision to the walls of Sol Box, creating a boxing gym housed in somewhat of a graffiti art gallery.

Brown’s decades of experience in various fields—from martial arts and graffiti, to music engineering, performing, and DJing—have effortlessly come together in Sol Box Fitness Club: where music, art, and physical fitness meet at the crossroads.